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Camino chimney sweep and wood burning stove service provide the highest quality, professional sweeping service across homes and businesses in the North East of England. Based in Whitley Bay, we use the latest technology and techniques available and offer a friendly, reliable and fully insured service. Taking immense pride in what we do, our close attention to detail ensures your home and businesses are kept clean and tidy during and after our sweeps. Camino will make sure that your chimney is clean, safe and working efficiently, we are always willing to answer any questions that you have and always looking to keep your chimney sweep cost down.

For a personal and friendly service contact Camino Chimney sweep and Wood Burning Stove Service.

Regular sweeping can save you money and importantly keep you safe.


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"I switched chimney sweeps due to a poor experience.  So pleased I did can highly recommend Steve and the team at Camino.  Have never looked back!"

Mr Bentley 

"Brilliant, reliable, friendly service!  I was worried about having my chimney swept due to the mess I thought it would create, however, how wrong I was! Can definitely recommend Camino!"

Mrs Lisle

"Excellent, friendly, no mess service! can highly recommend this company "

Miss K lloyd
Newcastle Upon Tyne


What We Offer

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Your fire is the focal point of your room, we decorate and design our homes around it, because of this it is essential to make sure everything is working efficiently and looking clean and smart. 

Camino cleaning and repair services can provide a comprehensive service on all makes and models of stoves. If required, worn or damaged parts can be repaired or replaced onsite, alternatively if we do not have the part with us, we can order it and return to finish the job. 

Servicing and regular chimney inspections at least once a year is advisable. 


chimney sweep near me


Camino offers a reliable chimney cleaning service for estate agents, pubs, restaurants and landlords. We work closely with local Gas and Heating engineers to add solid fuel expertise to their existing services

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Until recently chimney sweeps only had one method to sweep chimneys, and that was the ‘Traditional’ method. As technology advanced the equipment available to the chimney sweep has increased. Advances in plastics have made rods lighter, more flexible and stronger, and new brushes made from thick nylon strands as opposed to thin bristle brushes used during traditional sweeping.

Camino offers a professional chimney sweep service and is proud to be professionally trained in both power sweeping and traditional chimney cleaning methods. 

Only the highest quality equipment available is used by Camino, ensuring when we are complete your chimney is cleaned to the highest standard, your home is left as clean as when we arrived, and you are issued with your certificate of chimney sweeping 

Please note: 

While every care is taken to prevent damage to your chimney and fireplace, the sweep cannot be held responsible for poorly maintained pot, cowls, chimney stacks or any other part of the chimney/property. Material information should always be disclosed, i.e. chimney fires, fuels used etc. Your sweep can only use their knowledge during sweeping to advise on the condition of your chimney or appliance.

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  • Before your sweep arrives it would be helpful if you can follow the few simple steps below: 

  • Do not use your appliance for 24 hours before your sweep comes

  • Remove all items from the mantelpiece and hearth

  • Remove any unburnt fuel 

  • Either cover or remove any light furnishings or anything of value for your peace of mind

  • Will always lay dust sheets to protect your floors and carpets but we will not be offended if you wish to put some down as well. 

  • We always carry protective disposable shoe covers to use when necessary. 

  • If you see the brush emerge from your chimney pot, make a wish!

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One of the most significant dangers of owning any combustion appliance is carbon monoxide, known as the silent killer. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that is produced through the incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels such as coal, gas, oil, smokeless fuel and wood. 

Removing these fumes from the living area is one of the primary purposes of your chimney. If your chimney is failing to work correctly, inhaling carbon monoxide can be extremely dangerous. 

Signs & Symptoms 

The physical symptoms of breathing carbon monoxide will vary dependant on the amount of contamination of the blood. 

Early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to those of typical flu, loss of memory and concentration so not easy to identify. Often the person will mention that they feel better when they are out of the house but feel unwell again on their return. Prolonged exposure or high levels of carbon monoxide will result in death.

If you are in any doubt, you should seek urgent medical advice.




m: 07967 735587

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  • Residential customers - payment is due upon the completion of the work in full, by Cash or Credit/Debit Card. 

  • Business clients will be provided with an invoice, payable within 30 days 

  • An extra charge may apply where appliances pose complications and/or require further investigation. This will be discussed/agreed before works starting 

  • It is the homeowners/tenants responsibility to move or protect any valuables, furniture or carpet while the chimneys are being swept and the sweep shall not be held responsible for any damage caused. 

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to have the chimney or flue swept and inspected for safety, together with ensuring that rooms meet any current ventilation requirements 

  • All chimney pots and cowls are the responsibility of the property owner and should be appropriate for the appliance and installed correctly and securely. 

  • Camino Chimney and Stove Services can only use their judgement and experience during sweeping to advise on the condition of your chimney or appliance. Chimneys are affected by weather, the way they are used and many other factors not known to your sweep. 

  • Camino Chimney and Stove Services shall not be held responsible for any subsequent damage caused by loosening or falling objects inside or outside of the chimney. 

  • If on attendance Camino Chimney and Stove Services deem a chimney, chimney pot or cowl to be unsafe and unable to withstand the cleaning process, we reserve the right to make appropriate recommendations for remedial works to be undertaken by a specialist building contractor before we can clean the chimney safely. 

  • Camino Chimney and Stove Services accept no responsibility for loose, unsafe and damaged chimneys, chimney pots and cowls - these are the liability of the property owner. 

  • All open fires, stoves and appliances must be unused for 12 hours before your appointment 

  • All Gas appliances must be safely removed by a qualified heating engineer, before the date of the sweep.

  • The customer must give Camino Chimney and Stove Services 48 hours notice for a cancellation. 

  • If Camino Chimney and Stove Services are unable to carry out the cleaning process due to factors not previously discussed, there will be a call-out charge of £30.

Areas we cover

Whitley Bay | Monkseaton | Cullercoats | Newcastle | Northumberland

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